Home Insurance – How Age And Construction Material Affect Your Rates

Many things affect your home insurance rates. Among these are your home’s age and the construction material. We’ll see how these affect your rates. Furthermore, we’ll see how to save in spite of our home’s age or construction material…

a) You’ll generally spend less for a newer home than an older one. A brand new house will attract savings of between 8 to 15 percent from a good number of insurance companies. This is because every feature in a new home will normally be in the best of conditions.

If the structure is in perfect state the probability of a claim becomes reduced to the minimum. This means less risk to an insurer and cheaper home insurance quotes for you.

b) Your homeowner insurance rates will be more or less depending on the material used for your home’s construction.

A brick house will attract less expensive home insurance quotes in the East. The reason for this is that brick is much more resistant to wind damage than frame. On the other hand, frame is a better material if you reside in the West.

Due to the fact that earthquakes are perils that are predominant in the West, frame homes, which are more resistant to earthquakes are preferred given more affordable home insurance rates.

Insurers will offer discounts or lower your premiums by between five to fifteen percent if you make the right choice in your case.

However, whether you made the right choice or not you can lower your home insurance rates by a huge margin if you get and compare quotes now from reputable insurance quotes sites. For the best results, get and compare quotes from at least three reputable quotes sites.

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